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Welcome to the leanest and greenest website on the internet [citation needed]! What it lacks in professionalism, it makes up for in... I haven't figured that part out yet. Diet-conscious readers will be pleased to know it is laden with GMOs, chemicals, and toxins.

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Building a Better Image Gallery

August 21, 2023 • 0 comments

Despite the ubiquity of image gallery frameworks, there's been very little movement towards making them usable for blind, low-vision, and keyboard users. I spent a while thinking about what to do instead and came up with something that's functional and streamlined for everyone, so let's talk about it!

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What's new

2023-09-04 » Added a page for code projects, along with the first project: a static gallery generator! I've also added a bunch of new links, along with brief descriptions. There are descriptions on the stuff page as well.

2023-08-27 » The styleswitcher is back at it again! You may have to refresh your cache for things to display properly.

2023-08-20 » More code snippets: Skip to content button and easy light/dark mode

2023-08-10 » The guestbook got redone for possibly the billionth time and now it runs on the same framework as the comments. Hopefully this will be the last major redo!

2023-08-05 » Comments!!! I made them! You can comment on blog posts and, eventually, things in the art gallery.

2023-07-28 » I made a responsive web directory - you should join! Also, three (3) new code snippets: accessible hamburger menus, flex columns, and CSS tape.

2023-07-14 » I added a new layout (kind of): the classless CSS template! Also made some pretty major modifications to the documentation (now in question-answer format).

2023-07-05 » Completely redesigned and renamed the Arknights website, Polymerization Preparation.

2023-06-16 » Happy Pride! I put together a new special edition layout collection along with flag stripe CSS code snippets.

2023-06-10 » Website redesign! Now Kalechips comes with lots of modernity, including a new very modern logo.

2023-06-03 » Added a tea blend page to the character website. Expect more! I'm still workshopping some other ones (SNAC included).

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