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Welcome to the leanest and greenest website on the internet [citation needed]! What it lacks in professionalism, it makes up for in... I haven't figured that part out yet. Diet-conscious readers will be pleased to know it is laden with GMOs, chemicals, and toxins. If you're not sure where to start or just feel like gambling, try a random page.

You are not only permitted but encouraged to look at this page on a phone.

What's new

2024-04-15 » Salad Magazine issue 2 is now live!

2024-01-31 » Added the Toybox page so I can actually display my pixel hoard.

2024-01-29 » There is now a random page function. Have fun!

2024-01-20 » I made the no-skip page so I can annoyingly talk at length about music.

2024-01-15 » Not an update for this particular website, but Salad Magazine issue 1 is live! Go look at it!

2023-12-14 » I can't believe it's another page redesign! And I restructured everything. Whoops.

2023-11-26 » Updated the web host list with another option, Uber Space.

2023-11-23 » I added a section for my hardware and software specs on the documentation page and condensed the FAQ to avoid redundancy.

2023-11-22 » I finally finished revamping all existing free layouts with better accessibility features (skip to content button, better font sizing, the works)!

2023-11-21 » Refreshed Odonata with a new layout and improved accessibility features.

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