Hi. I'm just here because I needed a place to yell into the void and dump my trash. The void-yelling is mostly stupid essays about esoteric things, while the garbage pile primarily consists of my art (see the very descriptively-labelled stuff page). If you consent to subjecting yourself to this, happy browsing!

For guestbook signage, inquiries, hate mail, etc., direct yourself to the contact page. If you want to get out of here as soon as possible, the links page might help you find a better place to spend your time.

This website is fully mobile-compatible (rest assured that I frantically refresh it on my phone whenever I change anything).

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2022-07-07 » Art updated

2022-06-26 » The website now relies very minimally on Javascript thanks to Vegetablearian's Python compiler

2022-06-23 » Layouts updated

2022-06-13 » Layouts updated

2022-06-06 » I bought a domain. URLs are now mercifully shorter.

2022-06-05 » Updated Creature Features to display images under a button

2022-05-27 » Added cross stitch page

2022-05-25 » This website uses HTML5 now!

2022-05-22 » Layouts updated

2022-04-29 » Ask box updated

2022-04-25 » Added sitemap and gouache page

2022-04-24 » Added code snippet page

2022-04-14 » Added ask box and put it and the guestbook on contact page

2022-04-11 » Had the update box, got rid of the update box, now the update box is back. Added OC page

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