April 15
Bike repairman

  • Sports
  • Playing guitar
  • Practical jokes
  • Not thinking about at least 3 things at once
  • Killjoys (Tyler especially)
  • Being patronized


A self-proclaimed tiny bastard, Keiter is loud, brash, and just here for a good time. Whether her idea of a good time overlaps with yours is your problem. She thrives on keeping herself busy, so her schedule is packed with her job at the bike shop, rehearsals with Brian Aneurysm (the band she's in), her participation in several community sports teams, and whatever else she can squeeze in between.

She's very outgoing and friendly, and her good humor endears her to most of the people she interacts with. She often says things without thinking, which can sometimes rub people the wrong way, but she talks so fast that anything tactless she might say usually gets lost to the sands of time about 5 minutes after it comes out of her mouth. When she's around people she knows, she is much more of a little shit and happily causes problems on purpose. She loves pranks and will even spend time engineering elaborate contraptions just to mess with people.

She's very prone to accidents and generally making really stupid decisions because she usually acts without extended input from her brain. As a result, she deals with crises very well because most of the pickles she finds herself in are her fault. Despite her lack of common sense, she's smarter than she seems; if there's one thing she hates, it's being underestimated or talked down to because of her size.

Tiny deer
Art by earthytones


  • She plays primary guitar, among other things, in Brian Aneurysm. (The band being experimental means that these other things include the vuvuzela, accordion, tin whistle, and lute.)
  • She plays soccer, baseball, and volleyball.
  • She makes Tyler cut her hair. The only thing keeping Tyler from doing something stupid is the knowledge that Keiter would return the favor while she's sleeping.
  • Her favorite prank is modding Tyler's sink to spray her in the face, not because it's complex by any means but because Tyler keeps falling for it for some reason.


Tyler is her older sister. Their strong but nearly polar opposite personalities cause them to butt heads almost constantly; Keiter thinks Tyler is way too uptight and hates that she has to make an appointment 2 weeks in advance just for a lunch date. Having someone reliable around can be nice, though.

Her closest friend in Brian Aneurysm. Despite their energy levels being very far apart, they get along due to their shared affinity for sports and bad toilet humor.

Design notes

  • She has vitiligo. The white streak in her hair is natural.
  • She lost her tooth (the rightmost incisor on the bottom) in a bike stuntdriving incident when she was a teenager.
  • She has 2 piercings on her helix and one on her earlobe.

Kale notes

Keiter has been around since 2013 or so. Her deer design came first (it was designed by seabirdie on Deviantart), and while I don't draw it much nowadays, it's by no means retired. I just finalized her human design recently (though it was based off an anthro design I did of her for an ARPG in like 2014).


Background image from Unsplash