May 3
Nursery employee

  • Gardening
  • Working out
  • Hugs
  • Scientific plant questions
  • Overnight oats
  • Parties


Babylon loves plants like it's his job, which it is. He's a customer favorite because he can lift several bags of dirt at once and figure out what's going wrong with a plant just by looking at it. On the other hand, he's not as well-versed on the technical side of things, and he will have a small mental breakdown if he's asked to as much as ID a plant.

He's a very kind, if not occasionally oblivious man. He'll hold doors open for lengths of time that most people would consider unreasonable, and he's quick to offer his muscle to people if they're having a hard time carrying something. However, he's by no means a doormat. He seldom angers, but he won't mince words if he doesn't like something you're doing (whether it's to him or someone else). He's a very honest person overall, but he doesn't dislike people if they don't give him any reasons to.

Virtually everyone who meets him takes a liking to him very quickly. He isn't as quick to warm up to people; he gets overwhelmed easily if he's expected to talk at length about anything that isn't a plant and usually opts out of any social gathering with more than one or two people. Once he's given time to get to know someone, he's a very loyal companion, and he's a better conversationalist than he thinks he is.

Little man
Art by nuzze


  • He is a fantastic hugger and will happily give hugs on request.
  • He's tried to eat edible-looking soap at least once.
  • He grew up in a tiny rural town.
  • He is the oldest of 4 children, the rest of whom didn't leave their hometown. He's close with his family and calls home often.


His roommate and best friend. Babylon likes that Oberon has helped him come out of his shell without forcing him to go to parties, and he often asks him for style help. He thinks Oberon's cool guy persona is kind of goofy.

Babylon met Tyler at the nursery while she was shopping for seeds for her flower garden. To him, she's a very pleasant person who loves her flowers. (Why do people keep giving him looks when he tells them that?)

Design notes

  • His hair is naturally black and dyed lightish brown.
  • The plants on his antlers in his deer form don't have a fixed species, so do whatever.

Kale notes

I drew the deer in 2013 with no intention of doing anything with him, but he was just so darn cute that I had to keep him around. His human design is relatively recent; it's the primary form I draw nowadays, though his deer design is still very much in commission.


Background image from Unsplash