Kale's OCs

Hi! Thanks for looking at my characters. This page will be a work in progress for as long as I keep thinking of characters, which is pretty much constantly. If you'd like to know more about anyone, please ask!

Earth 2

Like Earth except there are people who can turn into monsters (or monsters who can turn into people, whatever).

I'd like to make a more coherent project with these guys (probably a comic, if anything), but the jury's still out on whether I'm capable of developing a coherent plot. Either way, I'd like to go more into Ian and Farah's relationship one way or another.

Small Nondescript American City

People trying to navigate the perils of young adult life, like sending emails and forgetting what you came to the grocery store for.

Everyone else

A grab bag of characters that just exist in the void. For now? Forever? Who knows!