Tip jar

I'm just some dude and not a fancy captial c Content Creator; this website is and will always remain a noncommercial hobby for me, but I figure giving people the option to tip wouldn't hurt (contrary to popular belief, grad school does not make you rich). You can donate at the link below:

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Below is a list of perks you can get for donating various amounts. If you want to donate significantly more than any of these amounts, let me know so I can pay you back more fairly!


Currently, I only have one monthly donation "tier" - for $5 (or more) a month, you will get a napkin doodle (see below) from me every month in addition to a link to you on both this and the credits page. If you live in the US, I can also mail you said napkin doodle along with a handwritten note if you so desire.


One-time donation goodies can be requested on the commissions tab since regular one-time donations are in increments of $3.

$7 - Creature Feature request

I will put your favorite critter at the front of the line for a Creature Feature! Double check that the organism you have in mind isn't already done (see a list here).

I will do animals, plants, fungi, prokaryotes, protists... i.e. anything that's alive. In some cases, writing about a group of organisms is easier than writing about a specific species, but if you request a species I will try my best to find a special fact about it!

$10 - Napkin doodle

An uncolored doodle of a character (fanart ok) or animal of your choosing. It will be digital, or I can ship you a paper doodle if you live in the US. It will not actually be on a napkin. All I ask from you is a photo reference.

$15 - Combo meal

Get both an expedited Creature Feature request and a doodle for a discount!