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love good accessibility rant :)

Thank you! I'm really thrilled it's been landing with so many people.

Green theme is still best theme (corvus)!!

Vencake 08/09/2022

I'm glad you like it! I'm very fond of the colors on that one.

i love new layout, it looks so old-school but it's still modern. colors are great, plant motif in sidebar too

Devon 08/09/2022

Thank you! Happy to hear that it's still obvious I learned HTML in 2009.

Your site is always so cozy and visually pleasing! Kinda makes me want to figure out how to do the multiple-theme-options thing...

Mika 08/08/2022

Thank you! I like the word cozy being associated with my website. Makes me feel the warm fuzzies. I love your website design as well (you may notice I like green a lot, and you picked one of my favorite shades) and I think your art style is super cool.

Also, I was thinking about making a brief tutorial for the styleswitcher, so your feedback is noted and I'll definitely nudge that up my to-do list :-)

Hi! Thanks for dropping a follow on my website!

I like your OCs; they seem really cool. I also love the name of "Small Nondescript American City." It gave a good chuckle :D

(¡Y hablo español un poquito tambien! Aprendí algun en escuela jaja.)

Thank you! The math part of my brain loves your website name. I think your characters are super neat, and I look forward to seeing more of them.

Also re: Small Nondescript American City, I'm glad someone else thought that was funny. I can't be bothered to put any of my characters in a location that actually exists.

Your site is incredible. Such a fun design. The change style is such a nice touch. So many intriguing links. Your art is fantastic. *chefs kiss*

Sheep 08/06/2022

Thanks for the kind words! I enjoy the shade of Baja Blast teal you picked for your layout. I also think your art style is super cool and unique, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

Thank you so much for leaving a message in my guestbook and dropping me a link! I've linked your site back and am having a wonderful time browsing through it. I hope you don't mind if I add your layouts to my resources page, too?

Love what you're doing here 100%! Keep it up!

Aywren 06/14/2022

Thanks! I don't mind at all. I actually think it's flattering that you find them worthy of linking to.

i couldn't NOT gush about the gouache piece from 2017 that you uploaded. it. is. GORGEOUS. many people struggle to figure out a palette for darker skins, but you've nailed it. i could stare at this all day. would you be interested in showing the altered version? gold detailing must take it to a whole other level.

Jesuisordure 06/12/2022

Thank you! The detailing is actually blue to match the paint underneath. I'll get around to posting a picture at an angle so you can see the metallic finish better.

I really like your site! Also big thanks for linking the article about the use of "queer" as a slur. I think it really nicely sums up how I feel about it tbh.

Ben 06/11/2022

Thank you! And I'm happy the article resonated with you. It sums up my viewpoint better than I ever could (and with at least 50% more credibility...)

Me again - I see your faves mostly wear glasses (I found the pattern, do I get a cookie or...)

Vencake 06/03/2022

What? What pattern? You absolutely don't see a pattern.

(this ask box is cool as hell, how'd you do it)?
what is the most terrifying animal fact you know?

Nat 04/27/2022

1. If you use a host that has PHP support, coding a form is fairly easy and there are oodles of tutorials that will show you how to do it. Otherwise, you need someone to process inputs for you. The service that I'm using to process my inputs is Formspree. There are plenty of similar services out there; the gist is that the only thing the website does is collect the input from your form and beam it to your email.

2. I'm bad with superlatives, but a terrifying animal fact that comes to mind is that spiny mice (genus Acomys) have skin that tears off when they're grabbed. It does not require a lot of tension for this to happen. The mice will come out fine. If you happen to witness this, your dreams may not. If you'd like to read more about it, you can read Seifert et al. (2012), but be aware that there is an image of a partially skinless mouse on there.

had an absolute blast reading your blog - cant wait for the next entry! and your gallery code is invaluable, thank you so much!

Jamie 04/25/2022

Thanks! I'm really happy the code helped someone - it took me a shamefully long time to figure out. I think your website is super charming and I look forward to seeing it grow.

your site (and art) is beautiful! thank you for the follow. i'll link to your site once i implement the page haha.

i really like the alternate styles, that's a really nice touch. + your essay on accessibility was a very good read.

Rats 04/24/2022

Thank you! I think your website design is very nice as well, and I love the bird page. Excellent.

You said Ian will eat anything, but does he have a favorite food?

Anonymous 04/18/2022

He likes ropa vieja and just about any fish dish that's well-seasoned. He doesn't get a whole lot of either these days because raw meat is vastly more efficient in terms of prep time. (Life hack: Eating raw meat while it's still wrapped in butcher paper is basically the same thing as eating a burrito.)

How would you decorate your dream home?

Anonymous 04/17/2022

What a horrific question! But since you asked, here is a nebulous collection of design ideas that I certainly have not spent too much time thinking about.

I wouldn't call myself a maximalist because too much stuff going on prevents me from thinking, but I can have a bit of clutter as a treat. I love the look of a wall covered in art; I've already been amassing prints from local artists in preparation, although most of them have yet to be framed. I'm partial towards plant and animal illustration, but I also enjoy horror and anatomical illustration. Pinned bugs, too. I also like off-key knicknacks. I dream of owning a talking fish plaque. I also really like frog ceramics.

In terms of color, the place would be green. Very green. I've always wanted a room with olive walls, specifically a really rich olive. In the kitchen, green counters. (I saw those on a house on HGTV once and they haunt my dreams.) Besides green, I very much like brown, maroon, and mustard, so those would make appearances as accent colors. Green is a neutral.

I don't feel super strongly about furniture, but bookshelves are mandatory. Really big bookshelves, and then an important-looking old man chair to sit in to read the books. I would also like a really nice refurbished desk. Oh, and a really comfy couch (preferably also green) with a really comfy blanket!

Last but not least, the plants. Ideally, more of them. A lot more. I already have plans to build a little greenhouse cabinet to put the high-humidity plants in if I stay in Colorado, and I would really love to hang them everywhere. A whole wall would be super cool. It is mildly terrifying to think about what I'd do without the constraints I have at the moment.

Or, if you didn't want to read all that, my Animal Crossing house might get the point across more succinctly:

Animal Crossing house

Is a taco a sandwich?

Anonymous 04/17/2022

No, a tortilla as it's used in tacos (hard or soft) doesn't count as bread substitute.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Naila 04/16/2022

Yes, else a hoagie isn't a sandwich.

I took the afternoon today to look through your site and it’s… like a cold drink on a hot day. You’ve put together such an elegant layout (I enjoy some weird-lookin’ sites, but you’re right about needing to balance that with accessibility) and your detailed and honest writing style has been really fun to read! Definitely makes me feel motivated to write more essays.

I also loved flipping through all your character pages and imagine how they interact with each other. Especially Keiter and Tyler, oh my god I love siblings who know each other well but can barely stand each other… Really cool stuff. Hope this oasis you’ve built for yourself stays lush and watered.

Marissa 04/13/2022

Thank you for the lovely message! I'm happy you enjoy the Tyler-Keiter relationship as much as I enjoy writing them.

I have not had as much time with your website as I would like yet, but I've been really into what I've seen so far. Your characters and comic are so fun! (I, for one, think serial murder is a great hobby to have.)

Hey Kale, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my writing. It was nice getting someone else's perspective about cheating in academia. I'd love to discuss it more, if you'd care to get in touch.

Good luck in your studies - and your own writing on this site!

Vansatz 04/08/2022

Thank you! I'd love to write more about it if I can ever get my thoughts together coherently.

Nice site! I love the relaxing colors. You're also a very talented artist. I'm going to link you on my page.

Alyce 04/05/2022

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'll put your button on my page as well. Your site design is so fun. I love how the notebook page is formatted, and I enjoyed flipping through them. Also, you're the first person I've met who also puts corn in their chili. Good taste!

thank you for the kind message in my guestbook!!! Your artwork and website theme is lovely (I enjoy the bee theme very much) and psstt I've added your button >:)

Mads 04/04/2022

Thank you! I've added your button as well!

your website is so cute and i love your plants 🙈❤️

Ali 03/18/2022

Thank you so much! I do my best to keep the plants happy. Also, I think your website design is so nice!

FINALLY another cofagrigus lover. Underrated despite it being huge when first announced as desukan...!

Vencake 03/17/2022

Yes! I've been on the Cofagrigus hype train since it was revealed and I never got off. It's up there for fun and unique Pokemon designs for sure.