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I originally futzed around with website design from about 2009-2014. I was inspired by the glut of Pokemon fansites floating around the internet at the time, though my website inevitably grew to include my other interests, creative endeavors, and whatever the hell else I felt like throwing in there. Here are some old homepages that I salvaged:

In contrast, I made this website without any direction or purpose in mind because experience has taught me that I am physically incapable of compartmentalizing everything going on inside my head. The name Kalechips was chosen mainly because it's silly and I was amazed the domain wasn't taken.

Me, the person(?)

I am a creature with the common name of Kale. I'm a grad student residing in Colorado. Specifically, I am a mathematician pretending to be an ecologist (or the other way around depending on who you ask), because somehow my undergraduate institution decided I was fit to be released into the wild with degrees in both. My research is on the modelling of flower patterns, as well as the effect that the patterns have on bee attraction.

For a bit more information on me and my interests, refer to these userboxes.

Not-so-fun facts
  • My favorite insect orders are Hymenoptera, Coleoptera, and Mantodea, but all bugs are good and picking 3 orders made me break out in hives.
  • I listen to music on a 6th generation iPod classic that I've had since they were still new. It is holding up pretty well after 15 years, which I can't say for many pieces of technology produced in the last decade.
  • I wanted to be a pathologist at one point. My interest in dead things has persisted.
  • I played percussion in school, but it didn't stick because percussion instruments are worth more than my life is. I can dream.
  • My television consumption is limited to the Great British Baking Show and nature documentaries.
  • Hablo español, pero no puedo prometerte que será bueno! Spanish was my first language, but living in English-speaking society has eroded that considerably. I still understand it perfectly well.
Characters I like
Ritsuko Akizuki (Idolmaster) Lisa Yadomaru (Bleach) Bayonetta Sakyo Furuichi (A3) Gnosis (Arknights) Umi Sonoda (Love Live) Roark (Pokemon) Artemis (Hades)
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